Unique positioning

As your strategic partner for over 10 years, our partner bank has a unique position within the Swiss and Liechtenstein banking and FinTech landscape:

Pure transaction bank (B2B)

We provide transaction banking & outsourcing services solely to banks, securities dealers and FinTech companies (no own private clients).


We are the only pure BPO/BSP* provider with a banking and securities dealer license in Switzerland.

Open IT architecture

We are completely independent and can cooperate with any partner or supplier, freely according to the customer's wishes.

Our range of services at a glance


Our partner bank has started trading the major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash) and is expanding this offer later. As a fiat currency for trading cryptocurrencies, our partner bank primarily offers CHF and EUR, but GBP and USD are also supported.


Real-time booking in Finnova Banking Software

No pre-funding (digital assets or fiat) required, no exchange rate risk

Course limits and small fractions supported

Tracking transaction on blockchain 1x daily (settlement) Immediate

Visibility in e-banking

Shipping settlement same day

Additional benefits for existing customers
Entry of orders, settlement, asset statements and booking via already proven channels (e-banking, Finnova Corebanking), therefore no technical measures are necessary and no extra tool needs to be introduced.
Additional benefit for existing Finnova customers

All that is needed is the integration of an interface.


Our partner bank offers a temperature-agnostic custody solution for the safekeeping of digital assets at the customer level (segregation).

Hot Storage

The storage is done online..

Advantage: The assets are available for quick trading at any time.

Approval Framework

Rigid Approval Framework

Backup via controlled release and/or defined time delays

Deposit with notary in case of default

Multi-signature setup with customer bank possible

Cold Storage

Storage takes place at three geographically separate locations that are elaborately secured, e.g. in a bunker with protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMP- secured). All private keys are also stored offline

Advantage: Highest safety
Our offering fuses the advantages of hot and cold storage into a secure and flexible solution to guarantee high security and fast access to funds.

Access to digital assets can be either highly automated or within the framework of a freely definable release process with multiple authorization levels. At the request of the customer bank, transactions critical to it can additionally be released by it.


Highly secured and redundant security architecture
The keys are securely stored at our contractual partner Crypto Storage AG on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) from Securosys SA. Crypto Storage AG has three secure locations.

Thanks to the Approval Terminals from Securosys SA, a multi-signature solution can be offered using cards, people, time and codes.

Custody at the partner bank includes segregation at customer level. This offers increased security and no own positions arise for the customer bank. Consequently, there is also no obligation to deposit own funds.

Reconciliation with counterparties and the blockchain is ensured by the partner bank.

Compliance with the MLA is supported by the partner bank.

Your advantages at a glance


New investment and trading opportunities thanks to crypto

With the partner bank, you have a partner with many years of experience in transaction banking.

Fully integrated with Finnova (internet banking, statements, asset statements) - no extra tool needed

No technical measures necessary on your side; implementation in advance by partner bank

Transparency & stability

Back-office full outsourcing - you can focus on your customers.


Internet banking support

Customer settlements analogous to your previous settlements

No effort and risk for settlement/clearing


Communication via Secure Mail

AML checks included

Additional Services

If needed, insurance solution

crypto training end-user

marketing support speaker at

company presentations


Security through proven storage architecture

Full customer-level segregation included

Full transparency

No own funds requirements

100% transfer, as fees are paid via hinge addresses

Consistency Finnova Blockchain

Readable presentation in the statement of assets

Reconciliation with counterparties and blockchain ensured by partner bank

AML check is done by partner bank.

Security Token Services

Initial situation

Tokenization of assets as STO (with prospectus requirement) is the irrevocable and predictable market development.

In this way, "non-bankable assets" become "bankable assets", "illiquid assets" to "liquid assets".

This results in an explosive increase in AuM and revenues for banks.

Possible "non-bankable assets":

Real Estate
Energy (wind farms, solar fields, etc.)
Agriculture and forestry (ranches, cattle herds, forests, etc.)
Private equity and private debt
Commodities (gold, soft commodities, mines, etc.)
Passion Investments (Art, Oldtimers, Wine, Diamonds, Watches, Chinese Vases etc.)

Excellent earnings contributions for primary market participants

Activities along the digital asset value chain

Glossary Cryptoeconomics

Business cases

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