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Dynamic and tailor-made solutions

Dynamic Capital Group

Dynamic Capital Group AG is an international financial services provider that always keeps an eye on the dynamics of the market. Our way of working is fast, efficient and transparent, which our customers and partners really appreciate. As an issuer of structured products, we can offer dynamic and tailor-made solutions for every need.

Issuance Platform

Dynamic Capital Group AG offers with its in-house issuing platform for structured products for everyone the opportunity to beat the market with innovative investment strategies.


AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates) are structured financial products whose investment strategy is actively managed. Finance professionals who have a smart investment idea but cannot or do not want to wait months for a fund to be set up are increasingly turning to AMCs.

Credit Linked Notes

Credit-Linked Notes (CLN) ermöglichen den Zugang zu einer Vielzahl von Referenzschuldnern und können die Rendite Ihres Anleihenportfolios erhöhen. Das zusätzlich eingegangene Kreditrisiko kann durch einen attraktiven Coupon entschädigt werden.


coming soon


coming soon

Digital Assets

Als Ihr strategischer Partner hat unsere Partnerbank seit über 10 Jahren eine einzigartige Position innerhalb der Schweizer und Liechtensteinischen Banken- und FinTech-Landschaft.

Private Equity

We play an active role in helping dynamic and flourishing companies fulfil their potential. We support with our know-how and expertise by selectively identifying companies with hidden abilities, analysing their potential and exhausting it accordingly.

We invest globally across all industries in settled and growth-oriented institutions. The high requirements in transparency and internal due diligence are the most important criteria in our selection process.


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