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Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin. Analysts expect in this revolutionary industry a yearly turnover of seven billion US-Dollar.


The production and distribution of cannabis is one of the strongest growing industries in the world. Experts are calculating with a market volume until 2026 of USD 148 billion and a yearly return of 26%.


The eternal safe heavens in the market, especially Gold. The current penalties on interests, the weak US-Dollar and the upcoming US presidential election could cause a constant run on commodities until 2021.

Gaming (E-Sports)

Games are one of the most popular hobbies of all age groups. This industry went through an outstanding growth in recent years. Until 2021 sales are expected to growth up to USD 1.7 billion.

Fund of Funds
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On the Swiss financial market, investors are still missing a larger selection on an established product abroad: the classic Fund of Funds. Benefit of a greater risk diversification.

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Whether smartphones, tablets or electric cars, everyone have a persistent needs batteries. Therefore the demand for the needed commodities growth constantly since 2000 yearly around 20%.

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The pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing in the past ten years an triumphant success. A reason for this is the achievement in the biotechnology. This industry is one of the few sectors covering almost any investment style and any investment strategy. Estimated USD 180 billion will flow until 2022 into the pharmaceutical research and development.

Real Estate
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Real Estates offer an efficient protection against market volatility. Nowadays surely an interesting investment. The past three years the biggest REIT ETF’s worldwide generated an average return of 19%.

Renewable Energy
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The volume of the renewable energies have exceed that of the fossil fuels for the first time. The growth potential in this industry developed strongly and the worldwide annually investments until 2025 will grow to USD 322 billion.

Swiss companies
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2019 was the best year of this century for the swiss stock market. The dividend policy is a strong argument for many Swiss companies because of the continuing low interest environment. High dividend stocks and the Swiss franc are considered as stabilizing portfolio elements. The SMI companies paid in 2019 dividends in the amount of CHF 37.7 billion.

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The blue Gold is since years a growth market and offers long-term return opportunities. The 50 companies included in the S&P-Global-Water-Index achieved since 2002 a return (incl. dividends) of 351.9%.

Zero Waste
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Investments in leading “zero waste” companies for a cleaner world. Experts are expecting until 2021 with a business volume of USD 820bn. Switzerland was ranked 2019 globally 20th with a turnover of USD 6.2 billion.

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